19 February 2020

Extreme weather threatens one of Earth’s most awe-inspiring waterfalls

Searching for Dark Matter With Quantum Computers, One Blip of Light at a Time

Country on the Brink: A Search for the Source of Italy’s Malaise

Physicists Take Their Closest Look Yet at an Antimatter Atom

New Discoveries in Human Anatomy

Why Corporate Buzzwords Are So Annoying

Video: Rare look inside Bank of England’s gold vaults [2:11]

Black Death discovery offers rare new look at plague catastrophe

In 1933, two rebellious women bought a home in Virginia’s woods. Then the CIA moved in.

MIT Engineers Devise the Best Way to Deflect an Incoming Planet-Killer Asteroid

New Exoplanet Search Strategy Claims First Discovery

Researchers find a western-style diet can impair brain function

Image: HDR shot of yesterday’s Mars-Moon occultation

Peter van de Kamp: the astronomer who was wrong in all the right ways

18 February 2020

Video: The History of Nara Dreamland, an abandoned Disneyland knock-off in Japan [16:30]

Photos: Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Investigating a murder without a body in an archive marked by absences

Sophisticated Soviet spy radio discovered buried in former forest in Germany

The Defiance of Florence Nightingale

The ‘doomsday vault’ that could save the kangaroo and koala from extinction

A Stunning Neanderthal Skeleton Was Just Unearthed at a Famous Burial Site

Why the Experimental Nazi Aircraft Known as the Horten Never Took Off

The future of work looks like staying out of the office

In the 1970s, the CIA Created a Robot Dragonfly Spy. Now We Know How It Works.

Inside the High Stakes Missions of NASA’s Oldest Deep-Space Probes

The simple maths error that can lead to bankruptcy

Dinosaur found with signs of tumour-causing disease that afflicts humans today

Hive heists: why the next threat to bees is organized crime

The Pros and Cons of a Lunar Pit Stop

Is a world without trash possible?

Everyone loved George Washington, until he became president

For Science in the Courts, the Daubert Name Looms Large

Our Swollen Sun Will Someday Shatter Everything in the Asteroid Belt

17 February 2020

So What Were UFO Sightings like in the Really Old Days?

The Japanese village that eats wasps

How dinosaur blood vessels are preserved through the ages

What’s the World’s Worst Smell?

YouTube at 15: what happened to some of the platform’s biggest early stars?

The radical moral implications of luck in human life

The Secret behind 575 Wandsworth Road

Fossil Eggshells Suggest All Dinosaurs May Have Been Warm-Blooded

Lise Meitner Helped Discover Nuclear Fission—and Was Then Forgotten

Why Fire Is the Greatest Tool of All Time

‘They’ve abandoned us’: Srebrenica survivors still living in camps

Did the CIA’s Dr. Frank Olson Jump to His Death or Was He Pushed?