21 May 2019

Pluto Has a Buried Ocean — And So Might Many Other Worlds

African samurai: The enduring legacy of a black warrior in feudal Japan

New Coke Was a Debacle. It’s Coming Back. Blame Netflix.

Beyond the Hype of Lab-Grown Diamonds

The Lavish Roman Banquet: A Calculated Display Of Debauchery And Power

The man who is ageing too fast

On this day in 1946 Dr. Louis Slotin was bitten by the nuclear dragon

Risks, rewards accompany speedier cleanup of closed nukes

Vietnam’s Ongoing Fight Against Agent Orange

The NXIVM ‘Sex Cult’ Story Keeps Getting More Disturbing

Simply elegant, Morse code marks 175 years and counting

A baby was mysteriously abandoned in an airport bathroom in 1986. Now he knows the truth.

Florida Man: what lies behind the Sunshine State’s crazy stereotype?

The Medieval Practices That Reshaped Europe’s Fish

How these cities became rat-free zones

How modern life exacerbates and rewards human vigilance and worry

The Hidden Heroines of Chaos

The New German Anti-Semitism

20 May 2019

Can Touching Fentanyl Really Kill You?

Moondust Could Cloud Our Lunar Ambitions

The Politics of Humor

Having a Library or Cafe Down the Block Could Change Your Life

How Dodge City Became The Ultimate Wild West

The Palestinian Sperm Smugglers

Where The Algorithms Can’t Find You

The Curious Cons of the Man Who Wouldn’t Die

How the Danske Bank money-laundering scheme involving $230 billion unraveled [note: autoplay video]

Why This Fertility App’s First Scientific Study Is So Exciting

If The Universe Is a Simulation, Should You Care?

The Next Wave of Immuno-Oncology

When Chernobyl Blew, They Dumped Boron and Sand into the Breach. What Would We Do Today?

The Physics of Mississippi Flood Control

Before plastic, rubber filled American homes

Giant dinosaurs may have tiptoed around like they were wearing high heels

A school’s mural removal: should kids be shielded from brutal US history?

Australian finds A$100,000 gold nugget using metal detector

Inside the Secret Dinners Where Congress Figures Out How to Stop a Nuclear Apocalypse

The way we define kilograms, metres and seconds changes today

Mini universes could be constantly exploding at every point in space

‘Earthworm Dilemma’ Has Climate Scientists Racing to Keep Up

‘I Make $1,000 a Week Writing Essays for Lazy Students’

The New Secession

19 May 2019

Can you trust your earliest childhood memories?

Archaeologists find DNA in a 10,000-year-old piece of chewing gum

35 years ago today an iconic episode of Press Your Luck was taped