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Breaking a Bit

After a rough August, we're taking a much needed break. In the meantime here is a word game we made.
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Giving the Bird the Bird

A Brief Note From an Ex-X User
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This is Dang Interesting

To whom it may concern, we now have a (mostly) profanity-free mirror site.
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To Hell With Facebook

The earliest known version of the idiom "the straw that broke the camel's back" was written by the English philosophe...
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The Damn Interesting Curio Cabinet

Announcing the newest entry in our podcast lineup: The Damn Interesting Curio Cabinet
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The Return of the Bandit

We made a diverting little browser game to mark the 40th anniversary of the events described in one of our most popular articles
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Permission to Grow

Beards have been banned in a number of military forces in history, from Qing Dynasty China to the modern-day Indian A...
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A Pregnant Pause

In January of 1963, husband and wife George and Charlotte Blonsky submitted a patent application for a revolutionary...
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The Voyager Golden Record Experience

Announcing our online audiovisual interactive version of the Voyager golden records.

The First Ten Years

We pause to observe the tenth anniversary of our site's founding.
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